Portrait of Olympic athlete Maggie Mac Neil

Maggie Mac Neil

  • Olympic journey began with swimming at age two and competing at age 8
  • At the 2023 Santiago Pan Am games, she set a record for most gold medals ever by a Canadian
  • Was drawn to swimming for the community and to support her competitive spirit

Show your Team Canada spirit and play Cheerios Summer Games, each inspired by a different Canadian athlete.

Maggie’s Cheerios Summer Game

Cheerios Lung Power Challenge

Blow the competition away! Use the power of your breath to score Cheerios into a goal. The one with the most Cheerios in their goal at the end of the timer wins!

Game Materials


How to Play:

  1. Place a handful of Cheerios on one side of a table and create a goal on the other side using a Cheerios box.
  2. Set the time for 30 seconds and use the power of your breath to blow Cheerios into the goal from one side of the table to the other.
  3. The player with the most Cheerios scored when the timer is up wins!


  • Score the most Cheerios to win! First place wins 6 points, second place wins 4 points, third place wins 2 points, and all remaining players get 1 point.