Portrait of Olympic athlete Damian Warner

Damian Warner

  • Started his Olympic journey in track and field at age 17
  • Olympic success began with bronze at Rio in 2016
  • Damian’s historic gold win at Tokyo 2020 earned him the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete”

Show your Team Canada spirit and play Cheerios Summer Games, each inspired by a different Canadian athlete.

Damian’s Cheerios Summer Game

Cheerios Obstacle Course

Get ready to be a Team Canada decathlete in your own home! Set up an obstacle course in your home or backyard using everyday household items. Fastest one around the course wins!

Game Materials

  • Household items
  • Suggested game materials: hula hoops, pool noodles, jump ropes
  • Printable Score Cardscan be downloaded here


How to Play:

  1. Grab everyday household items to set up an obstacle course in your home or backyard.
  2. Make it a challenge but remember to keep it safe.
  3. Take turns making your way through the course and use a stopwatch to keep track of times.
  4. Fastest one around the course wins!


  • Be the fastest one around the course to win! First place wins 6 points, second place wins 4 points, third place wins 2 points, and all remaining players/teams get 1 point.