Portrait of Olympic athlete Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

Track & Field Sprinter
  • Started his Olympic journey running track at age 16
  • A sprinting sensation and eleven-time Canadian Champion
  • Has wanted to compete for Team Canada since watching the electrifying 100m final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Show your Team Canada spirit and play Cheerios Summer Games, each inspired by a different Canadian athlete.

Aaron's Cheerios Summer Game

Cheerios Relay Race

Speed meets concentration with this challenge! Move Cheerios over from one bowl to another using only a spoon. First one to transfer all their Cheerios wins!

Game Materials


How to Play:

  1. Fill one bowl per player with 20 Cheerios and place it in your yard or a room with space to move
  2. Place a second, empty bowl per player a few metres away
  3. Using only a spoon, race to move all the Cheerios from one bowl to another
  4. The player that moves all the Cheerios over first wins!


  • Be the first to move all your Cheerios to win! First place wins 6 points, second place wins 4 points, third place wins 2 points, and all remaining players/teams get 1 point.